Feast or Famine

The Lord has been convicting me recently on the issue of feast vs. famine. What am I enjoying in abundance? What am I depriving myself of?

I think if each of us were truly honest we would have to admit that it’s much easier to feast on worthless, temporal things – TV, books, shallow talk, internet. Rather, we should be feasting on the life-changing, eternal Word of God.

This fact is beautifully evident in the George Cowan story found in chapter 8 of Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures.

Little Felicitas had suffered beatings from her mother just to hear the Cowans speak of God’s Word. As Felicitas grew up, she became a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and hungered for His Word, even when she was widowed with three young children.

Truly, she found God’s Word to be more valuable than food. As the Cowans translated the Bible for the Mazatec people, Felicitas would buy – at great sacrifice to herself – each book that she could.

When George Cowan saw the book of James in Felicitas’ simple mountain hut, each page was smudged from her soot-covered fingers. She hungered for God’s Word so deeply that even during the process of preparing a meal for her children, she would prop the book in front of her, cherishing each word.

Are you feasting on God’s Word today? May we have a heart like Felicitas -

“I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.” Job 23:12 (KJV)

george cowan

My children with George Cowan in 2011.

From cover to cover, Seed Sowers contains the stories of dozens of missionaries who sacrificed so that the Word of God could be translated for people like Felicitas. It’s available through Grace and Truth Books and Amazon — in print and for your Kindle.

(If you have an extra minute, click here to read more about George and Florence Cowan and listen to his whistled language demonstration!)


  1. I think of that story often and wonder if I was in that situation if I would have the bravery to continue.

    Thanks for commenting on our review. Ceesa loved to “hear” from you! And thank you for your hard work in writing Seed Sowers! What a blessing you’ve given us.

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